NBA Approved

Currently used by all 30 NBA teams

3 Sizes to choose from

Small, Medium & Large

Increased Traction

With Injury Reduction Technology

Slipp-Nott - The NBA & NCAA's Choice for Traction!

Slipp-Nott® the traction system that started it all, is the best and proven traction mat used by professional, college, and high school basketball teams, to remove dust, dirt and wax build-up from athletic shoe soles with one quick action. You don't have to wipe the sole of your shoes anymore; instead you can improve the traction, increase the safety, confidence and manoeuvrability of your entire team! For almost two decades, Slipp-Nott sets the world standard for indoor traction and our product can be seen used at most televised Basketball games.

Slipp-Nott® is being used by all 30 of the NBA teams.

Slipp-Nott® is the Official Traction Mat of the NCAA for both Men and Women's Basketball and Men and Women's Volleyball.

Slipp-Nott® is supplying the NCAA Basketball Championships since 1994!

Slipp-Nott® invented the Sports Traction product category!